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  • Pubdate: 2017-4-22  Views: 1467
    Danyang Huakang latex Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fitness equipment, fitness yoga belt tension belt, belt and all kinds of medical latex product factory. The company"s pr...
  • Pubdate: 2017-4-22  Views: 1250
    The belt is made of natural latex, it has high elasticity, not easy to deformation, bright color, not easy to fade, can carry, etc., is designed for physical fitness, weight loss and design. Allows...
  • Pubdate: 2017-4-22  Views: 1263
    TRX belt suspension training will own weight as a weight, can effectively exercise the body"s core muscle group, to achieve the purpose of burning fat. Beauty network Xiaobian share the use of TRX ...