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Pull belt hanging weight loss exercise, fat burning exercise core muscles

Date: 2017-04-22 10:38:33    Views: 5367

TRX belt suspension training will own weight as a weight, can effectively exercise the body"s core muscle group, to achieve the purpose of burning fat. Beauty network Xiaobian share the use of TRX pull belt weight loss exercises, so that you lose weight more smoothly.

1, hands grab the TRX belt tension on both sides of the arm from behind through your body tilt, inhale and lift your right foot, left foot vertical thigh, your left toe toe, balance, action, adhere to the 10 breath and then for the other side, and repeat.

2 stand straight back straight, feet together eyes straight ahead, his hands clutching the TRX belt tension, bend the elbows in front, inhale, arm, turn your body into a straight line tilted back, until the body and the ground to form more than 60 degrees but less than a right angle. Adhere to the 15 breath.

3, hands grab the TRX belt tension, bend the elbow, elbow back, feet shoulder width apart, inhale and tighten your body, your feet remain motionless, upper body and legs backwards, until your knees at right angles, including the upper thighs parallel to the ground, adhere to the 10 respiratory movement.

4, put your left foot on the TRX belt tension, then twist your body back to the TRX belt tension, hands on the waist, right leg supporting the body, inhale, bend your legs and knees, thighs and legs at right angles. Adhere to the 20 breath, and then repeat the other side of the action.

5 legs together, kneeling on the ground, TRX grabbed the belt tension in advance, the back straight eyes straight ahead, inhale and push your body forward, leg lift, body form line on the ground, adhere to 20 about breathing action.

6, sitting on the ground, put your feet in the palm sleeve TRX tension band, then turn your body, put his hands on the ground, inhale, want to do swing your lower body to the maximum, the action of adhering to the 10 breath, then change to the other side and repeat repeat, left and right 10 times.

7, the body lying on the ground, put your feet on the TRX belt tension, hands palm down affixed on both sides of the body, the legs bend your knees, inhale and lift your hips and lower body, let your upper body and legs to keep balance, adhere to the 10 about breathing action.

8, long legs sitting on the ground, both hands to seize the TRX belt, feet close together straight, inhale your legs up, and then the upper body back, the body form V. Adhere to the 10 breath.