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About Danyang Huakang latex Co., Ltd.

Date: 2017-04-22 10:42:48    Views: 4841

Danyang Huakang latex Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fitness equipment, fitness yoga belt tension belt, belt and all kinds of medical latex product factory.

The company"s production of latex belt, fitness belt and yoga with foreign and domestic sports companies, sales throughout the country and the global sports industry. I plant products, reasonable design, exquisite material, fine workmanship, superior quality, reasonable price, and perfect service system, make the products become the preferred manufacturers buyers huakang. The company"s main products are: fitness equipment, rehabilitation training, strength training with pull belt, fitness belt and yoga belt.

Over the years, Huakang staff has always been following your satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of Huakang service standards, with excellent professional knowledge, loyal service attitude, good working attitude, pioneering and innovative spirit to cooperate with the sports industry, sports enthusiasts to cooperate together for the sports industry to make new contributions. I wish you health and success!